Bamidbar is a peer-reviewed journal for Jewish Thought and Philosophy. Bamidbar takes its name from the Biblical experience “in the desert,” the opening words and the theme of the Book of Numbers and a crucially formative moment that foregrounds and frames the narratives of Jewish history and has become a constitutive element in Western historical narratives. In the wilderness, in exile, and on the way, Bamidbar signals the explorative, searching trajectory of exilic experience.

Bamidbar is published by Passagen Verlag, Vienna.


Issue 1.1 (2011): Perspectives on Jewish Philosophy

Issue 1.2 (2011): Rethinking the Theological-Political Complex: Derrida’s Spinoza

Issue 2.1 (2012): Jewish Nominalism?

Issue 2.2 (2012): Messianic Action

Issue 3.1 (2013): Jewish Women and the Shoah

Issue 3.2 (2013): Critical Theory and Jewish Thought: Critical Afterlives

Issue 4.1 (2014): Critical Theory and Jewish Thought: Antinomian Figures

Issue 4.2 (2014): Gender and Jewish Philosophy

Issue 5.1 (2015): Moses Mendelsson’s “Living Script” and the Question of Translation




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Round Table Discussion with Vivian Liska, Ingo Zechner, and Willi Goetschel

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